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A vegetarian… hamburger?

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on May 27, 2006. This week, to make a change from the same old ground beef hamburger, try out this little delicacy that pleases vegetarians as much as carnivores. Some legumes for texture and proteins, spices to enhance the taste and tomatoes, as they are pleasing to the […]


Preparing your own “hummus”

14 February, 2011 3 Comments

It’s very easy to prepare your own “hummus”. All you have to do is to blend some chickpeas and “tahini” (sesame seed paste) with some lemon juice, garlic and olive oil in a food processor.

chickpea pois chiches

Chickpea, a Canadian legume

29 January, 2011 No Comments

The chickpea is one of the most cultivated legumes in the world. It is part of the daily diet in the Mediterranean region, the Middle East and India. It was first cultivated in 7000 BC in Turkey and has since been traditionally grown in rotation with durum wheat in semi-arid soils.

Lentils: The Truth About Puy

21 January, 2011 No Comments

People say that lentils represent life in India. In Italy, because their shape resembles coins, they are eaten on the first day of the New Year, in order to ensure prosperity all year long.

Broccoli Rabe, the flavour of Italy

13 January, 2011 1 Comment

Broccoli rabe is a plant that most probably originated in the Mediterranean region. It is similar to broccoli, cabbage and various other members of the cruciferous family. It has thin green stalks which end in spiked leaves and flower buds.

Making the most of local corn

Whether it goes by the name of «Indian corn» (a term used solely in Quebec) or «maize» (a term derived from the Caribbean mahis meaning «source of life»), fresh ears of corn are a real summertime treat.

Open Sesame!

Sesame is most probably the first ever plant from which edible oil was extracted. One thing is for sure, its seeds have been used for over 7,000 years, as proven by archaeological remains found in India and in China.

Seaweed: Vegetable of the sea

14 January, 2010 No Comments

Seaweed is very popular in Asian cuisine, but here in North America, it is rarely consumed except in sushi. This is a pity, since it is a very rich source of vitamins and minerals.

céleri-rave celeriac

Celeriac: an unsung vegetable

7 November, 2009 No Comments

Celeriac, also known as celery root, is a little-known vegetable, undoubtedly because of its unattractive appearance. And yet, this large knobbly ball with a brown peel hides a crisp, creamy white coloured flesh has an exquisite taste. In fact, celeriac tastes a bit nutty. Its slightly pungent flavour is reminiscent of parsley and celery, without […]

SOS Tips: Smart grocery shopping

18 October, 2009 3 Comments

With a bit of organization, some resourcefulness and some basic knowledge about cooking, you’ll see that it is actually possible to eat well and healthy without putting stress on your wallet!


Peppery arugula

Arugula, a cruciferous plant with an amazingly “nutty mustardy” flavour is extremely beneficial to health.

The virtues of bitter lettuce

Chicory (curly endive), Belgian endive, escarole (a type of endive), radicchio – these are some bitter lettuces that are becoming more and more well-known.

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