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Eat fatty fish, live longer

12 April, 2013 2 Comments

For years we have been told that consumption of seafood high in omega-3 fatty acids (fatty fish) may help protect against cardiovascular disease. But the data supporting this health claim have been indirect sofar. A study of more than 2,600 older adults, published last week in the journal , found those with the highest blood […]


A Russian fish soup called Ukha

23 February, 2013 No Comments

It is only very recently, with the arrival of many Russian immigrants into Canada, that dishes from their culinary tradition are starting to get exposure. It’s a cuisine that is very rich and full of flavour, and its variety arises from the vastness of the country as well as the cultural mosaic that composes it. […]

CHARming fish for the Inuit

18 August, 2012 No Comments

Arctic char is the fish with the northernmost geographical distribution in the world. In fact, it lives in circumpolar lakes, rivers and coastal marine waters. This fish belongs to the Salmonidae family and is characterized by pale spots (red, pink or cream) on a dark back. It gets its name from the fact that it […]

Shrimp shellers: World competition in France

12 August, 2012 No Comments

While the whole planet was watching the London Olympics, competitors gathered in Northern France last Sunday for a far different kind of event: the eighth annual Shrimp Shelling World Competition in Leffrinckoucke, a little village near Dunkerque, some 300 km north of Paris. Launched in 2005 with about 20 local contenders, the competition grew to […]

Halibut: only from the Pacific or… the fish farm!

11 August, 2012 No Comments

Originally published in the Journal de Québec on August 11, 2012. The term “halibut” refers to certain large flatfish that have an elongated body with both eyes on the same side. They are also known as “turbot” in Canada. This fish whose size and weight vary greatly from one specimen to another (usually around 1 […]

En Garde… here comes the swordfish

6 August, 2012 No Comments

Swordfish is a migratory fish found all over the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It is large (usually two to three meters, weighing between 90 to 150 pounds), with a long upper bill that resembles the shape of a sword. The adult swordfish feeds mainly on squid and other fish and it can reach speeds […]

striped bass bar

Stars for the striped bass

In Canada, Chilean sea bass is the icon of non-ecological fish, since it is overfished, but there do exist other types of bass that can be eaten without worrying about the survival of the species and the environment. In fact, the term “bass” refers to several species of Atlantic fish, mainly from the Moronidae family, […]


Monkfish, “the poor man’s lobster”

21 July, 2012 1 Comment

Monkfish belongs to the anglerfish family. Supposedly it earned its name because people refused to purchase them and local monks would go down to the docks and collect them.


Sustainable fish in our supermarkets

A few weeks ago, Greenpeace Canada has released its annual report on the state of Supermarket Seafood Sustainability. Greenpeace scored Canada’s eight major retailers against a set of criteria based on the strength, comprehensiveness and implementation of their seafood policies, the information they make available to their customers, and the number of harmfully-fished Redlist species.


The very controversial catfish, called “basa”

Basa or Pangasius, also known as the “Mekong catfish“, is a boneless fine textured freshwater fish with white flesh and medium fat. Its mild-flavour compares favourably with that of sole. Developed by the Vietnamese in the 1990s, this fish is now easily found in the global markets. It is often sold fileted at a very […]


Mahi-mahi for deep-sea fishing

Mahi-mahi – also known as dorado, or dolphinfish – is a predatory fish that lives in tropical and subtropical waters of all the oceans. The average adult mahi-mahi is 1.5 meters long and weighs 20kg, but it can reach up to 2 meters and 40kg. This vibrantly coloured, incredibly fast and powerful fish (the term […]

Mackerel, nice, tasty, affordable and… rich in omega-3

Mackerel, a medium sized (30 to 40 cm) migratory fish belonging to the same family as tuna, swims in cold waters in the summer and in warmer waters during winter. It mostly feeds on microscopic algae, but from March to July during its breeding season, it turns into a predator and devours tiny fish and […]

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