Web Developer (2 positions to fill)

Position: Full time

Location: Our offices are located in downtown Montreal, a stone’s throw from the lush slopes of stunning Mount-Royal 😉 [Peel Metro Station – Bus 24]

Working Environment: Truly inclusive. We are interested in your skills and competencies, whatever your origin, culture, gender, generation or disability. We value the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives of our team members, which increases creativity and innovation. Equal or different, you’re equally welcome here!

Start date: The sooner the better!

Before going any further….

Make sure that at least 2 out 3 of the following statements apply to you. Otherwise, we may not be right for each other…

  • You think web development, eat web development and dream web development.
  • Your interests include health and nutrition, pretty high up in the list. An interest in Sports is also great!
  • You have depth of reasoning, wide aptitude and high integrity.

About us:

We help hundreds of thousands of people live in better health, since 2005. Our company developed SOSCuisine.com for intelligent meal planning and grocery shopping. Over 400,000 families already use the weekly service to make dietary choices adapted to their needs, thanks to the variety of balanced meals designed from fresh seasonal products. For Canadian subscribers, the service, offered in French and English, also makes the most of local supermarket discounts. As of this year, we’re entering the Italian market, in Italian

SOSCuisine is Canada’s most trusted reference for online nutritional therapy and is recommended by prestigious health organizations, including CHUM, the Montreal Heart Institute, Médecins Francophones du Canada (French-speaking doctors of Canada), the Canadian Gastro-Intestinal Society, etc. Our products include tailored menus for specific moments in life (pregnancy, etc.), athletes (endurance, etc.), cardio-metabolic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc.), inflammatory diseases (arthritis, etc.), and digestive problems (irritable bowel syndrome, gastro-esophageal reflux, etc.).

Some of the values at the heart of our organization are integrity, wellbeing, positive social impact, eco-responsibility, and sustainability.

About the position:

Your job will be to assist the technical director in the development, analysis and maintenance of the website SOSCuisine as well as that of the IT infrastructure supporting it. Here are some common tasks:

  • Migrate legacy code (PHP) into a Symfony2 / WordPress hybrid framework
  • Manage an AWS server farm using Nginx / Varnish / Redis / MariaDB
  • Integrate code created by the Content team or by external providers
  • Design new features from A to Z
  • Revise existing code to improve, document and add automated tests
  • Spend time on StackOverflow to understand why the 500 error appears when it worked so well locally 😉
  • Closely collaborate with our product marketing team.
  • Depending on your interests and abilities, other tasks can also be added: SEO, mobile application, marketing dashboard, writing, etc.

About the ideal candidate:

  • Passionate about programming, eager to learn new things and likes to push the boundaries of what is possible
  • Able to learn on his/her own and go as deep as needed in new areas
  • Rigorous, diligent and attentive to detail
  • Gifted with a solid logical mindset, able to manipulate abstract concepts with ease and able to analyze and model them
  • Very skilled in PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery
  • Knows what Linux, sudo and Ubuntu mean
  • 2+ years experience in software development, as employee, self-employed or even in personal projects such as game mods or personal website
  • Communicates clearly and precisely in French, English, or both

What would set you apart:

  • A keen interest in Food/Nutrition/Health (the technical director accepts bribes in the form of homemade cookies ;-))
  • Experience with Nginx, Varnish, Redis and MariaDB server software
  • Good knowledge of Symfony2 and WordPress frameworks
  • Know what the Amazon acronyms EC2, CF, S3, AS, ELB and R53 mean
  • Enjoy working in a small team, where your achievements have a big impact for the company

To apply:

Send your CV with a cover letter to jobs@soscuisine.com.

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