Month: January 2012

How to read the Nutrition Facts Label

January 31, 2012 No Comments

If you’re following our meal plans, you don’t need to worry about counting calories, fat, carbohydrates, or anything else. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the Nutrition Facts label on packaged foods, in order to make the right choices at the grocery store.

crevette shrimp

Prawn and Shrimp

January 28, 2012 No Comments

Shrimp and prawns refer to about 2,000 different species of small aquatic animals with a flexible body and long antennae, 10 legs and a fan-shaped tail. While in biological terms, shrimp and prawns belong to different types of crustaceans, they are both very similar in appearance. In commercial farming, fisheries, and at fishmongers, these two […]

Eat from a red plate to lose weight

January 27, 2012 No Comments

People who eat from a red plate or drink from red cups cut their food intake by 40 per cent, says a new study carried out by German and Swiss researchers and published in the journal Appetite. These scientists say that the colour red may encourage diners to avoid snacking because it is commonly associated […]

More on Poutine

January 24, 2012 No Comments

Following our last week’s post titled “Boston’s take on poutine“, we got a few requests to explain what the “real thing” looks and tastes like and whether or not it can be part of a healthy diet. As you will learn by watching this video, poutine apparently originated in the late 1950s. Several communities in […]

bread pain

Bread – Friend or Foe?

January 23, 2012 No Comments

Canada’s Food Guide states that adults should eat 6 to 8 servings of grain products every day. For those needing to lose a lot of weight and following a low-calorie meal plan, the minimum is 4 servings. Bread is an excellent candidate (1 slice = 1 serving), provided you select breads that are low in […]

Happy New Year of the Dragon!

January 21, 2012 No Comments

Originally published in the Journal de Montréal on January 21, 2012. According to Chinese tradition, when the Dragon is master, all the demons go into hiding. That’s why the Year of the Dragon is generally happy and prosperous, and many couples want to have children during this year.

Boston’s take on “poutine”

January 20, 2012 No Comments

One of Quebec’s culinary symbol, “poutine”, has become increasingly popular across Canada, as well as in the Northern border regions of the United States, which offer variations of the traditional dish. Cheeses other than fresh curds are commonly used (most commonly mozzarella cheese), along with beef, brown or turkey gravy. Watch this video and tell […]

céréales petit-déjeuner

How to choose a breakfast cereal

January 17, 2012 No Comments

Muesli, bran cereals, shredded wheat, crispy oat flakes… there are so many breakfast cereals out there to choose from! What should we look for? Here are some label-reading tips to help you make the right choice.

Burn 100 calories

How to burn 100 calories

January 16, 2012 1 Comment

Last week we talked about how to “trim” 100 calories or more from our daily diet. In this week’s post, I’d like to propose a few simple ways to burn 100 calories by introducing a bit of exercise into your daily routine. Choose the activity that suits you best or come up with something similar!

Bok Choy: A Chinese cabbage

January 14, 2012 No Comments

Around three-dozen different varieties of cabbage are cultivated in China. The most famous among these in the West is the “Bok choy”, also known as “pak choy” and “Shanghai choy.” It was incidentally the Chinese who brought it to North America in the late 19th century, when they took part in the great gold rush.

food diary journal alimentaire_picjumbo

Simple ways to stick to your resolutions

January 13, 2012 No Comments

Many of us begin the year with good resolutions, the most common one being linked to shedding those extra kilos we put on during the holiday season … or the whole year 😉 In most cases, excess weight does not exceed 10 kg. You can lose these 10 kg by burning 80,000 calories. This seems […]

Olive and Canola oil: For almost all occasions

January 11, 2012 No Comments

Fat has a bad reputation, but this is undeserved. Fat is required by the body and brain to function properly. It also adds flavour to food. It’s the type and quantity of fat that matters. You will notice in our recipes that, most of the time, we recommend olive and canola oil. Both are good […]

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