Food Prices on the Rise in 2021 in Canada

January 17, 2021

According to “Canada’s Food Price Report 2021” published last December, the average Canadian family of four (2 adults and 2 kids) will pay up to an extra $695 for food this year, as the pandemic and climate change drive up grocery bills to the highest increase ever predicted by an annual food price report. The average family will pay a $13,907 grocery bill in 2021.

The 11th edition of the food price report, published annually by Dalhousie University and the University of Guelph, has expanded this year to include the University of Saskatchewan and the University of British Columbia, making it more national in scope.

Researchers calculated that the increase in overall food prices will be between 3% and 5%, which means that the food inflation rate will exceed general inflation. Meat and vegetables will be most affected, followed by baked goods. Here is the detail by category:

Meat: 4.5% to 6.5%
Vegetables: 4.5% to 6.5%
Baked goods: 3.5% to 5.5%
Fruits: 2% to 4%
Seafoods: 1.5% to 3.5%
Dairy: 1% to 3%
Overall increase: 3% to 5%

What can we do?

As I have already said many times, and again in November on the program L’Épicerie on Radio-Canada, in order to counter price increases the solution is always the same: Plan, take advantage of discounts and cook.

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For more tips on how to save on your groceries, read our article «Eating Well for Less»

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