Are Low-Carb Diets a Solution for People with Diabetes?

3 June, 2020 , ,

SOSCuisine: Meal Plans for Diabetes

Conclusion du rapport

For people with type 1 diabetes:

Significant improvements (a decrease in A1C levels, reduced insulin requirements, lower glucose variability and weight loss) were reported by people who chose to follow a low- or very low-carb diet.

Despite this, the lack of reliable data and the presence of significant gaps in the studies make it difficult to confidently recommend low-carb diets.

For people with type 2 diabetes:

Low-carb diets, in addition to weight loss and better glycemic control, reduce the need for anti-hyperglycemic drugs. However, the evidence for longer-term benefits is limited. Added to this are several methodological limitations within the current literature.

In addition, current data does not determine whether the positive impacts of very low-carb diets, on weight loss and glycated hemoglobin, are specific to the macronutrient composition of these diets or are the result of modified caloric intake.

If you suffer from diabetes and want to get your health back on track by changing your eating habits, we’re here to help accompany you. Click HERE to find out all the meal plan options that are available to you.

Among the diets that we offer, you will find the Mediterranean Diabetes meal plan that will help you to better manage your diabetes and prevent complications.

If you opt for a low-carb diet you will find our LCHF meal plan that you can follow without the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

If you opt for a very low-carb diet you will find our Ketogenic meal plan that will allow you to minimize nutritional deficiencies.

*For your information, the LCHF diet is considered to be a low-carb diet with 50g to 130g of net carbohydrates per day and the ketogenic diet is considered to be very low in carbohydrates with less than 50g of net carbohydrates per day.


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