Marie-France’s Testimony about our VIP Dietitian service

May 20, 2021 , ,

Here is the testimony of our member Marie-France who had a positive experience with our VIP Dietitian service and our Prediabetes meal plan.

Last December, my doctor told me that I was pre-diabetic. With a blood sugar of 6.5, it wasn’t dramatic yet, but I had to start paying attention. I was already familiar with SOSCuisine and I thought, “Maybe there’s a meal plan that can help me?” And that’s how I discovered a new way of eating food that was good for me but that I also enjoyed. I subscribed to the Prediabetes meal plan.

I re-tested my blood sugar at the beginning of April and my prediabetes has already improved: I went from a blood sugar of 6.5 to a blood sugar of 6. Everyone was very happy, myself included! I was very happy that I had positive results so quickly. It motivates me even more to have big results.

I like that the SOSCuisine recipes are varied and easy to make. It’s not like with a diet: it’s a new way of eating. In addition to the meal plan, I subscribed to the VIP service with a dietitian, and she was very supportive. She is very approachable, and I can tell that she is comfortable talking with people. I even continued to work with her when the 3 months of the subscription were complete. She learned what I liked to eat and asked me if I wanted to try new things, and I found it really helpful.

At first, I found it a little difficult to change my eating habits. For example, before having pre-diabetes, my main meal was at dinner. Now, my main meal is at lunch, and I try to eat a little less in the evening. As I was sometimes a little hungry in the evening, my dietitian sent me a list of healthy snacks that I can eat with nuts, yogurt, etc. I’ve also made some new discoveries like chia seeds. I’ve managed to incorporate small changes that are easy to follow and have helped me a lot.

I hope to continue to see long-term results. As you well know, it’s hard to change your eating habits, but I’m probably wiser now (laughs). I really don’t want to take diabetes medication, so it motivates me to eat well. My goal is that at my next blood test, my blood sugar will be below 6. Even at 5.9 I’d be happy!

Marie-France’s favorite recipes:

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Dietitian service - salmon with leeks

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Chicken and Sweet Potato Bake

Dietitian service Chicken and Sweet Potato Bake

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Fish Fillets à la Provençale

Dietitian service fish fillets à la provençale

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Grilled Salmon with Honey

Pavés de saumon au miel

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